December 29, 2016


Excellent projects are recommended by clients to global companies. Introduce the pre concept of the project and the interesting things in the design process. Through film production, the company produced the project as a global promotional film.

Exchange study

September 01, 2017


The growth of local companies inspires us. Came to the construction company, with partners to introduce their original intention and product philosophy. The discussion process is full of wisdom and beauty.

Learning mechanism

July 26, 2017


Internal learning mechanism is one of our innovative methods. Today's topic is: design language and specific symbols that can be understood by the public.

My Facebook

July 05, 2017


The rise of the Internet has changed the way we communicate and work. There is a possibility that one day in the future, there will be a whole new pattern to develop the design industry.
This is mine Facebook, it is an important channel for publicity and promotion, and also a comprehensive understanding of studio channels.

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